Keeping emotionally well when working with stress and trauma is challenging, research increasingly promotes the emotional “safety net” of supervision, to talk through and reflect on the work.

Stressful work – supervision to stay balanced in life

Supervision photo

Working in a helping role can be rewarding and satisfying, but equally it can be challenging and stressful. Witnessing and hearing difficult stories influences our physical body and emotional state. It may trigger a feeling, a hidden or an unknown memory. It is extensively documented and recognised that people in the helping professions may suffer:

  • stress,
  • anxiety,
  • traumatic stress,
  • depression,
  • exhaustion, and subsequently burnout and ill health physically and emotionally.

Supervision means different things to different professional groups. Whether you are a

  • fireman,
  • policeman,
  • paramedic,
  • nurse,
  • doctor,
  • social worker,
  • prison officer,
  • carer,
  • teacher,
  • yoga therapist,
  • psychological therapist.

All these roles are “emotionally charged, relationally complex and challenging. No one is immune from being “touched” when working with people.

You may not even notice an effect, but find yourself, losing confidence, feeling anxious all the time or angry and irritable. You may be sleeping too much or too little, always tired, eating and drinking too much, thinking negatively, or quite simply too exhausted to care.  Supervision is one way to look after yourself.

Some organisations have a duty to provide support and supervision, others do not. Judy has been trained to provide supervision as a safeguarding nurse and has adapted this to include physical and emotional support.
Judy provides supervision using a variety of evidence-based tools including talking, physical movement, breath, reflection, whatever works for you to notice how your role affects you. We work together to identify triggers, and to find what helps to you to be healthy professionally and in your everyday life.
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