What do you have planned to build your resilience?

Stay Strong – Preparing For Winter

Log store

The log store is full and we’re ready for the change in seasons! What are you doing to keep your energy stores topped up at this time of year?

As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, we need to look after ourselves both physically and mentally, to stay fit and well and to build our resilience for what lies ahead.

Sometimes it’s easier to stay indoors, batten down the hatches and withdraw as the seasons change but that’s not always best for our health.

Staying active can not only help our physical health but also improve our mood. It can be a great way to have fun and de-stress. It can also distract us from reaching for the comfort foods as the temperatures drop!

Yoga is a form of exercise like no other. It combines physical movement with breath work, releases tension and relaxes the body and the mind. Our regular, weekly classes are up and running for the autumn and we also offer 1:1 sessions and Yoga Therapy. You can read more on the Wellness Through Yoga page.

Mindfulness is paying attention, with kindness and without judgement, to whatever is going on for you, moment by moment. It allows you to pause and observe before you proceed. We have a comprehensive Mindfulness offer, including courses, retreats, ongoing sessions and a bespoke 1:1 offer.

Sleep is necessary for health and wellbeing and to keep us resilient throughout the year. A poor or disturbed night’s sleep can leave us feeling sluggish, both physically and mentally. Prolonged poor sleep can leave us irritable and vulnerable to ill health, from coughs and colds to chronic illness. We run a regular Sleep Well session as well as courses and workshops to explore the mysteries of sleep. Check out the Restorative Sleep page of our website.

So now you have a few ideas to keep those reserves topped up as the seasons change – enjoy your autumn!