Wellness Services

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Wellness Through Yoga

Our practitioners are experienced in teaching a wide range of people of all ages and abilities, in both 1:1 individual and group settings, via regular classes, 8 week bespoke programmes and during workshops and retreats.


Wellness Through
Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness has its origins in ancient meditative practice but has been recognised to provide accessible support within our hectic, modern society.

YT Functional Wellness

Functional Wellness

Functional wellness with Judy is top to toe health and fitness for all ages and abilities. Exploring and building programmes with you, for you in your everyday life.

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Workshops and Retreats

We offer the opportunity to deepen your understanding and experience of Yoga, Mindfulness and Sleep by attending a variety of courses and retreats.


Sleep is a necessary part of our health and wellbeing but can be extremely illusive and this may leave us frustrated and exhausted. There are recognised tools and evidence based approaches to help.

Workforce Wellness

Workforce Wellness

Maintaining and supporting workforce health, improves productivity and staff retention. We offer bespoke programmes to encourage optimal health and wellness in the workforce, designed specifically for your business.

“I have gained an understanding and a connection with my body, my feelings and emotions which wasn’t present before, and loads of tools to use in times of stress and tiredness”
“It is testament to Jilly that the … yoga group has been thriving for over twenty years and owes much of it’s evolved character and cohesion to … being full of fun and laughter.”
“Being able to switch off at night and sleep."
“Judy is the sort of healer you dream of...I have seen a huge improvement in all areas of my life in just 9 weeks..."