Stay well through positive thinking, improve your confidence and self-esteem for success.

Positive Thinking For Health – Keep That Holiday Feeling!

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Positive Thinking For Health – Keep That Holiday Feeling!

Positivity is infectious and spreads to the people around you.

Positivity can help you to be successful.Remember one thing, yes, just one thing from your most recent break from work or the daily toil of everyday life. ONE easy, happy, pleasant thing. It may be sitting with a cuppa, two mins of quiet time, taking a long deep breath, stretching, noticing the blue sky or the clouds, notice just ONE thing.

Then, over time build this up to THREE things. Write them down or record them on your phone; however it helps you to remember the positive things in your life.

Being positive builds confidence and self-esteem. Research suggests that positive thinkers are healthier, have good immune systems, live longer, have improved emotional health and happiness and reduced stress.

It takes practice to change thinking patterns and mind sets, but the brain is amazingly brilliant and can and does change (brain placidity). Your brain is amazing.

At Paua wellness we are a “positive” focussed team and will work with you to locate and build on your positivity.

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