Has Covid Left You Feeling Anxious?

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An English summer is upon us and with further easing of Covid restrictions, there is a real sense of excitement as people take long awaited holidays and catch up with long missed family and friends.

Some people are relishing the prospect of being able to visit packed restaurants, bars and nightclubs but for some of us, this also brings heightened levels of anxiety and unease.

We have worked with many people over the last 18 months who have found life during the pandemic challenging.

Learning to bring a Mindful approach to what is going on for us is a useful skill to address anxiety. Acknowledging what you find challenging and meeting these challenges with compassion, helps calm the nerves and allow us to step bravely forward into the new world.

Life has changed rapidly and we have had to adapt, over and over. Dealing with these feelings in a sensitive and compassionate way is paramount.

Mindfulness has its origins in ancient meditative practice but has been recognised to provide accessible support within our hectic, modern society. Jon Kabat-Zinn is commonly regarded as the father of modern Mindfulness.

Beginning on 18th September 2021 I am running my next eight week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course and this course follows his renowned format, which is now tried and tested and founded on a solid evidence-base. It includes theory including the neuroscience of stress, as well as how we can learn to recognise this and begin to bring the body into a more relaxed state. Each session is also very practical and gives lots of opportunity to practice and discuss a variety of recognised techniques.

As part of the course there is an opportunity to deepen your mindfulness experience by attending a half-day retreat, which for this course will be on Saturday 13th November 2021.

If you’d like to know more about the course and it’s suitability for you, just contact us at Paua Wellness.