Exciting New Chair and Chat Session

lichen chair

We are delighted to have a brand new, Chair and Chat session to offer online! This session not only combines movement, breathing and relaxation but also a chance to chat with other members of the group and meet some new people.

The use of a chair allows anyone to join the session who would have difficulty getting up and down from the floor and hence attend a general yoga session. The movements are supported and largely gentle but also offer the possibility for some surprisingly challenging posture work if that is for you! You can read more about all our yoga sessions on our Wellness Through Yoga page.

So many of us have found the last two years hugely challenging. For anyone who has certain health concerns they have been necessarily isolating. But as time has gone on, that feeling of isolation has not been restricted to those with concerns over their physical health, this pandemic has raised anxiety levels for most of the population.

Many people have chosen to limit their interactions with others, even as restrictions have officially lifted and this has had a negative effect on the mental health of many of us. We are, by nature, a social animal and not being able to meet and chat to others has been difficult for many.

If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in joining the Chair and Chat session, just get in touch and we’ll see you there!