Spare hour this week? Test us out with an online yoga session!

Bank Holiday – Monday and Wednesday Bonus!


Jilly’s online Gentle Yoga classes are available on August Bank Holiday Monday, so why not join us for a morning, afternoon or evening session?

If you’re not free on Monday, Judy is running a new Yoga and Chat group on Wednesday evening.

Yoga is ancient in origin but incredibly relevant to our modern lifestyle, supporting both our physical health and providing an antidote to the hectic world in which we find ourselves.

Because of the variety of approaches out there, finding the right teacher can take some time. Why not try a one-off session to experience our styles of teaching?

Yoga can be a challenging form of exercise or gentle and restorative. We specialise in adapting asanas (postures or shapes) to meet the needs of our students and have lots of experience and ideas to make yoga accessible, particularly for those who may not be as lithe as they were!

We also encourage you to connect with the breath through a session, both to energise and relax.

And of course, the highlight of a session for most of us is the relaxation! An opportunity to let the benefits of movement soak in and the body and mind to unwind and rebalance.

Check out our Wellness Through Yoga page and get in touch if you’d like to join us.