“I’m much more relaxed – coping with everyday problems much more confidently”

“A lifeboat in a sea of stress”

“Jilly is a great teacher, kind and gentle and very knowledgeable.”

“It is testament to Jilly that the … yoga group has been thriving for over twenty years and owes much of it’s evolved character and cohesion to … being full of fun and laughter.”

“Like many of the best teachers Jilly knows us well, her teaching is bespoke, sensitive, unobtrusive and responsive to our particular needs.”

“I don’t get so het up about little things”

“Confidence building”

“I feel happier and more cheerful in general”

One to One: "I met Judy when I was suffering with suicidal tendencies, depression and anxiety. I was smoking too much and was extremely overweight, plus I am very deaf. I started doing yoga therapy with Judy, she slowly built my confidence. I stopped smoking and have lost weight. Judy has given me my life back using yoga and meditation, plus confidence. I would recommend going online and doing yoga therapy with Judy. She has a big heart which makes you feel loved and confident. Thanks Judy”

“Judy is a great teacher, with lots of patience. Judy takes the time to explain the yoga moves. She is happy to adapt the moves if you have an injury or a weak spot. Judy asked at the beginning of the classes, what you wanted to gain/achieve at the end. All her classes have been tailored with that in mind. I would highly recommend attending Judy’s yoga classes. ”

From a mother: “Thank you for all you have done for my daughter. She is truly transformed.”

Couples work: “Both my husband and I have found yoga with Judy to be just what we have needed. Judy has given us greater movement and allowed us the ability to explore new horizons. We have just completed our first 10-mile walk with a few aches. Even my husband’s chronic back pain has responded to the yoga therapy allowing him to move more freely. All thanks to Judy’s attention to our particular physical needs. We cannot thank her enough.”

Group Work: "Just to say, I have just attended the first yoga class and I can highly recommend it... I am feeling really invigorated and happy to carry on working all afternoon.
Thank you Judy."

Mindful Movement

“The Mindful Movement was just what I needed… I felt relaxed but nice and stretched out after it. Jilly is a great teacher; kind and knowledgeable, she moved gently from one thing to the next.”
(Janet B)

“Becoming Aware of my body’s needs”

“Calm, relaxed atmosphere”


“I was sceptical about Mindfulness until a recent cardiac episode threw me into an anxiety state the like of which I have not experienced before. Family, friends and my GP mentioned Mindfulness. I contacted Jilly. Even after my first session with her I felt more relaxed and in control. Her approach is gentle, empathetic, reassuring and sensible. She listens and is very knowledgeable about her subject. I have completely changed my thoughts on Mindfulness and Wellbeing and highly recommend Jilly as a practitioner.”

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course

“I would recommend the 8 week course to anyone and everyone, as I believe anyone will gain something valuable from it. Jilly is an excellent teacher, putting everyone at ease and the group format is quite a special experience. If you can do one thing for yourself that will also benefit others in your life then do this course!”

“I came to this course just as I was diagnosed with Long Covid. Unknown to me at the time, many of the practices were those also advised by the Long Covid/CFS Service. It has meant the course has been invaluable and has been a huge component of my continued recovery. There are many different theories about Long Covid/CFS, but the one thing they all have in common is a recognition that mindfulness meditation is a key part of helping sufferers get better.

Jilly guided me through the course in a thoughtful and supportive way, compassionate to my needs when screen time drained my energy. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jilly’s MSBR course not only to all sufferers of Long Covid or CFS, but to anyone. Mindfulness is a fantastic way to counter the pressures of modern life.”
(Nicki J)

“I have gained an understanding and a connection with my body, my feelings and emotions which wasn’t present before, and loads of tools to use in times of stress and tiredness”

“Our discussions were honest and spirited, guided as usual by Jilly’s non-judgemental intelligence. At the end of week 8 I felt we all felt our gratitude to be tinged with sadness and appreciated … Jilly’s sensitivity and sense of humour.”

“Recently I attended Jilly’s MBSR course, timely as the stress reduction techniques certainly helped cope with the pandemic!”
(Sharon G)

“The course is delivered in a friendly, relaxed manner, there’s no pressure…”

“Will be recommending this course to others as it has been so helpful”

“Thank you for a lovely, rewarding experience that I will continue to use in daily life.”

“… an exceptionally positive and good experience. Jilly really put me at ease from the moment I first walked in”

“Brilliantly managed to allow pertinent … discussion”

“Relaxed timetable - didn’t feel rushed or any pressure of time watching”


“Being able to switch off at night and sleep”

“Crawled up to bed afterwards for the best night’s sleep!!! Woke up late this morning but feeling bright and refreshed.”

From A Trauma Centre Manager: "Judy really tapped into what was important to me. She listened and created simple exercises that are calming but also help my dodgy shoulder."

"Judy is the sort of healer you dream of. Her knowledge and compassion have supported me in my journey to heal myself from grief-related asthma. She gave me the confidence to connect with my own wisdom so that I can make healthier decisions in my life and relationships. I have seen a huge improvement in all areas of my life in just 9 weeks. That's incredible. Thank you Judy for being you!"
(Hatha Yoga Teacher)

Supervision from a Clinical Psychologist: “Thank you so much for making the sessions so enjoyable and interesting. I really valued the space, and found you to be a gentle, knowledgeable and thoughtful therapist. I will miss the space but am grateful to have experienced it and hope to incorporate some of the things you have helpfully shared with us (in the sessions and in the handout you provided) in my day-to-day life.”


We are Judy and Jilly. With backgrounds in the NHS and Education, Yoga and Mindfulness, we bring together a wealth of experience, skills and expertise and a shared passion for supporting others.